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Hello and thank you for visiting Trainers Challenge! 

Happy New Year!  This is Coach Tony, let me share with you what this website is about.  This website is about doing the TC workouts and losing fat...PERIOD2020 is here and we have to get our HEALTHY back!   So I created this website to help motivate and keep you motivated to keep reaching for your fitness goals!  Now...enough of the excuses and crying!  I hear more of this then anything else and frankly I am getting cranky about it.  It is very simple, if you want to get healthy...you will make the TIME and stop with the EXCUSES!  Our workouts are always changing and we are always challenging you with NEW concepts and methods of training.  Trainers Challenge will keep you challenged and help you feel good about completing our challenges!  Whether you are a Pro or a Joe, we will keep you looking forward to the "NEXT" challenge.    


Introducing the SWATmine® Fitness System

"Next Level Landmine Fitness Training"

Website:  www.swatmine.com

The SWATmine allows for rotational training that works your entire body.  Perform explosive 1 and 2 arm movements and other rotational exercises simply by inserting any Olympic size bar (not included) into the 6” pivoting sleeve.

Our patent pending design allows for the SWATmine to be placed against any 45degree angle for use.  You can place the SWATmine against any wall, box, step, tire, tree, curb…the choices are endless!

Everyone from young and old, pro to average joe, martial artist and athletes are enhancing their physical fitness by using the SWATmine Fitness System ™.  Get yours today!

Our website will also show products, trainer bio's, gym info and more!!  This will  be an outlet for anyone looking to find specific information about anything "fitness" related.  If you do not know...WE WILL

Attention Trainers!  This is a great way to promote who you are, where you are, what you specialize in and how can someone looking for a Trainer, find YOU!!  You want to be a "celebrity" trainer in your area?  *Let us know if you would like to be listed on our site. All we need is a pic and a small bio of you and contact info.  Do not miss out....it's FREE to get listed right now!!    

Also, if you have a product that is fitness related and you would like to promote to fitness minded individuals, what better venue then here on Trainers Challenge!  Send us a message to list your product and we will *post it for all in the Trainers Challenge community to see!  Let everyone know what your product offers and the benefits of using your product. We will listen!

*Trainer & product guidelines are to be followed to be listed on our site. 2020


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